West Bromwich and Scotland .Wheres the link

what a totally disastrous show by Arsenal over the weekend , yet again showing how if one is not accountable for your actions rubbish ensues . Neither the players or the manager, who get paid , are held responsible only the poor fans who pay actually suffer the burden of defeat .

Too many time have we seen this truism repeated in the markets from bankers not being held responsible for their trades where the traders can execute Rio trades through to collusion and price fixing . Until management is held responsible this behaviour will inevitably carry on.

Politicians are exactly the same they can carry on promising all sorts of myriad dreams with only the scantiest of justification . Take Scotland for example , and one could pick on virtually all politicians going back through the ages . How does Nicola Sturgeon think that Scotland will share a currency ? Nice idea but totally impractical . Perhaps we could have Scottish pounds back by the Scottish banks which the English Government have bailed out …oops that could be fun ? Perhaps backed by oil revenues …. oops they’ve gone . Oh well there is always the European Union that she is going to join, except one has to adopt the Euro which of course with a cold and rain soaked Greece joining will only strengthen.

Sturgeon can lie and lie and in the end the electorate will decide what to do at which point she can walk away having either broken the Union and her Country or broken the SNP . Tough call .

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